DC Central Kitchen


“It’s not just about the proximity to the grocery store as much as it is what they have,” said Lindsey Palmer, director of Healthy Corners, an initiative from DC Central Kitchen. “We might say, ‘oh, well there is a grocery store… two miles from most folks,’ but when you actually get there and see what’s on the shelves, it’s pretty sad.”

Last year, the federal government gave DC Central Kitchen a grant to supply corner stores with fresh produce at discounted costs. When distributors have bananas that are ripe today, they can’t sell them tomorrow, so DCCK buys those bananas at a low cost and then sells them to corner stores at that same low cost. To find a Healthy Corners-supported corner store near you, check out their Healthy Corners Store Locator Map

To learn more about DC Central Kitchen, please visit their website at www.dccentralkitchen.org


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